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Plekos is a carefully crafted replica of a very traditional soccer game. The original game is made out of a shallow wooden tray, with nails representing players.

There are spaces cut out for the goals and the ball is usually a coin, or a bottle-cap. In this mobile version the user can play against the machine, or against a friend on the same device.

Great for both children and adults.

How to Play:

You can play from the get-go by tapping "QUICK PLAY", or else you can set up a championship with your friends. By adjusting the settings on the first screen and tapping "NEXT" the process is very simple.

To play you flick the bottle cap forward by running your finger over it, swiping it in the direction you want it to travel. The game physics are very realistic.

Feature Highlights:

- Traditional game
- Simple Gameplay
- Great one-on-one action
- Realistic physics
- Over 60 flags to choose from when setting up your team
- Ages 5 and upwards
- For large screens such as Tablets and the Galaxy S and iPhone

Visual treatment:

Totmob have given the game a nostalgic touch by using plenty of wood textures and cutouts. At the same time all the menus are very clear, making it an easy game to navigate. There are some nice touches, like over sixty flags to chose from when setting up your team, which means that you`re certain to be able to play with your team`s colors. When a goal is scored, the animation is over the top, adding to the fun.

Sound effects:

The game has a basic sound track, consisting of a crowd that murmurs all through the match, shouts when there`s a near miss, and cheers loudly when a goal is scored, while a sport commentator shouts "Goal!". A referee`s whistle sound marks the start and end of the game.

Device Requirements:

iOS - iPad / iPhone
- Requires iOS 4.0 or later
- Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices
- Compatible with Retina displays
- 8 MB (HD)

- Tablets or Smartphones w/ a 800x480 pixel display or higher
- Requires Android 2.1 or greater
- 8 MB (HD)

Cost - Google Play - Android: FREE
Cost - iTunes - iOS: FREE
Cost - Amazon - Android: FREE

Released: October 18, 2012

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