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Assemble crazy animals using innovative puzzle mechanics.

In this game you use pins and gravity to assemble super
cool animal puzzles. Starting with simple puzzles the game
quickly evolves into true mind-benders, especially when
you try to do them in the minimum amount of moves.

If you succeed you`re a star! The puzzle pieces are
made of paper, but when completed, they turn into a super
fluffy animal.

The game uses your device`s accelerometer
to create interesting game mechanics based on gravity. With untimed gameplay you can look forward to relaxed enjoyment for ages from 5 to 105.


Connect all the parts to make an animal. Each connection is color-coded.

How to Play:

Add and remove Pins and rotate device to play the game. Parts that are attached by 1 pin may be moved by rotating your device. Removing and adding pins is counted as a move, rotating is not.

You lose if a part touches the sides of the game area.

You can use pinch and drag movements to resize and reposition the game area. In selected devices zoom by clicking the + and - symbols.

Winning a Star
The extra challenge: if you match or do less than a certain amount of moves, shown at the start of each puzzle, you get awarded a star. Otherwise you only get a plain win.

Cost - Google Play Android: FREE
Cost - iTunes - iOS: $ 0.99
Cost - AMAZON appstore: FREE

Released: June 27, 2012
Last update: June, 27, 2012

Famigo APProved badge for Puzzle Game Apps


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