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Test your memory in a fun way! It's simple and yet amusing and challenging: Each Elf sounds a note. Just follow the notes' sequence, in the correct order, by touching the corresponding Elf.

Keep your eye on the clock! If you take too long, you loose, and if you touch the wrong Elf, you also loose. Go as far as you can, and see what level you can reach!

Great for both children and adults.

How to Play:

The gameplay is very simple and follows the Simon Says mechanics: the game builds a sound sequence note by note / turn by turn, which the player has to match.

A note forgotten or out of place ends the round. Also you have a maximum amount of time to recall each note. There's a ranking feature where your top scores get recorded.

Sound effects:

The sound effects in this game have been carefully crafted to be fun and a bit cheeky. There are three sound options to choose from for the gameplay:

1/Greetings - Each characters uses a greeting in a different language Hi (English), Nihao (Chinese), Hola (Spanish) and Ciao (Italian).

2/Notes - Each character says "La" in a different note;

3/Exclamation - Each character lets out a different exclamation, such as "Haha!", "Hoho!", "Heehee!"...

When the player makes a mistake, the character he's clicked by mistake lets out a loud burp.

Feature Highlights:

- Casual game
- Simple Gameplay
- Three different sound sets
- Amusing sounds
- Tidy visuals
- Ages 5 and upwards
- For large screens such as Tablets and the Galaxy S

Visual Treatment:

The game has very attractive yet simple graphics. There is a snow/winter theme that is carried throughout the game, with little details like random generated snowdrops, and a snow scene with Santa and three Elves. The characters are humorous in design, and rendered in a paper cutout style, with a faint texture and shading, and appropriate animation. The menus are very clean and pleasant to operate. The game play is enhanced with little visual cues that complement the sounds.

Cost - Google Play Android: FREE
Cost - iTunes - iOS: FREE

Released: August 20, 2012
Last update: August 20, 2012


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